Our Story

Origin is the begining of something, the first stage of existence, the root.  Origin Watch Company originated in 2014 with the goal of building high quality fully mechanical timepieces in the USA.  We are at the root of bringing back the tradition of American mechanical watchmaking.  In the age of digital wearable tech, silicon batteries and computer run assembly lines, we go back to the origins of watchmaking - gears, springs, wheels, screws, jewels, crystals and leather - all assembled, finished, and tested one by one, by hand in our workshop.

The beating heart of our watches

We believe that everything old is new again.  The designs of our timepieces originate from watches that are considered original, timeless, classic, and vintage.  We conduct extensive research on timepieces of the past to create new wrist instruments that have a long life of service. We source our components not only from the USA, but also from around the World.  We only use movements directly from two of the most reputable companies in the industry, ETA and Sea-Gull.  Our leather straps are of highest quality, sourced from a USA manufacturer or custom made by hand in our workshop from vintage military or sports equipment leather.

Origin Watch Co. (OWC) is the brain child of Dennis Shirokov who started Strapped In Time to design and hand craft custom leather watch straps from vintage military and sports equpiment leather.  His passion for mechanical watches led to tinkering with his own collection of mechanical watches and eventually to building his own timepieces.  We use high quality components to build our watches.  Our first edition release is the Vintage Field Watch.  OWC has a goal of expanding to include a pilot and marine themed watches.


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